FAQ's-  Frequently Asked Questions:


What is a “Share” in a Community Supported Agriculture?

A CSA share is when a “Member” buys a “Share” of a farmer’s harvest at the beginning of the growing season.  The share helps the farmer cover the significant costs of the season, and helps to support farmers and farming in our region. Our CSA Program encourages new, younger farmers to learn and practice this valuable occupation (the average age of farmers in Buncombe County is now 59), and gives them the land that they could otherwise not afford (land values have skyrocketed here, making it very difficult for young farmers to get started).  You are also helping to save the rural pastoral beauty of the area by supporting and protecting it from non-farm development.  In exchange, you receive a weekly share of the season’s harvest. 


Why Join our CSA?

There are many reasons to join a CSA program. Here are a list of a few:

  • The Walnut Cove CSA Program is as much about learning as it is about eating healthy, thru regularly scheduled events, classes, and just by stopping in to see and learn about what is coming up in the fields.  We welcome your participation.

  • Superior nutrition and quality. Produce is just picked, selected for flavor, handled with care, and grown on well balanced soils, so your food will be at the pinnacle of freshness and quality.  Vegetables grown in balanced soil and picked and eaten at their peak are more likely to contain a balanced array of nutrients and minerals.

  • Locally grown produce.  A CSA share allows you to be close to the land and where your food comes from.  The average distance most produce travels to your local grocery store is 1500 miles, that's the same distance as New York City to Dallas. Our food comes from your neighborhood.

  • For a healthy experience. Simply visiting the farm can be a stress reliever.  Helping in the garden is great exercise.

  • Supporting local farms is important to the community’s rural character and pastoral beauty.

  • Helping children learn how their food is grown, and the importance of farms and farmers, thru field trips from local schools

  • Enjoy the community environment where like-minded people share recipes, ideas and experiences, as well as sharing the vegetables!


Reasons why someone might not want to join our farm share program:

  • If you want every type of vegetable, each and every week, a CSA might not be right for you. Eating seasonally means that you eat the crops that are at the peak of ripeness at that point in the season. Early in the year, that could mean most of the ingredients for a salad, but not summer vegetables or Fall vegetables. We grow seasonally as nature intended it.

  • If you want tomatoes or vegetables that are so perfect that they look like they were raised in a laboratory, our CSA might not be right for you. Our veggies are healthy, natural, and sometimes are not perfect.

  • We love members who are happy and positive, with can-do type of personalities... our farm is meant to be a great, positive experience for you, your family, your fellow members, and for us! We welcome constructive feedback, but please remember, a garden means working our tails off in blazing sun and pouring rain to bring you delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers! Please be sure you fully understand what a CSA Farm Share is truly about before you join!


Are you certified organic?

Our farm is not “certified” organic, however we do follow organic principles in growing our produce.  At Creekside Farm we value our CSA members and strive to provide them with fresh vegetables of the highest quality. In the fields, we are careful to implement growing methods that benefit the land by working with nature and not against it. We grow with the seasons and use practices that reduce or eliminate the need for synthetic chemicals, promoting healthy soils and healthy bodies.


Do I get to pick which vegetables I receive in my box?

We choose the food for the boxes, consciously selecting a good variety of the produce that we have available each week. We send out an email with the contents of the boxes, descriptions of any unusual produce, and recipes and cooking suggestions.


What should I Expect This Season?

While we work hard to prepare our gardens for success, the unpredictable nature of farming provides no guarantees. The following shares are examples of what you might expect at different times during the different seasons- spring, mid-season and late season.  Some vegetables will include several varieties, and there will be occasional surprises. 


Salad Mix

Cherry Tomatoes


Salad Turnips







Sweet Peppers

Sweet Potatoes

Snap Peas



Napa Cabbage

Baby Chard




Salad Mix


Green Beans

Winter Squash


What if I will be out of town on my pickup day?

We will make you a box to pick up every week.  If you cannot pick up your share, we encourage you to have a friend or family member pick up your box, or contact us to ask us to donate it to Manna Food Bank or Avery Creek Elementary.  Please do not expect us to make you an extra box later if you forget to pick it up.  We ask you to return the empty boxes each week so that we can reuse them again.