A CSA membership share at Creekside Farm is available to The Cliffs at Walnut Cove members and residents, and costs $750 for the growing season (May-November).   In addition to a box of fresh vegetables that you can pick up on Wednesday afternoons at the new Creekside Farm Education Center, you’ll be invited to regular events and talks at the farm, cooking and canning classes, “farm to table” dinner events, and seasonal celebrations like our "Fall Harvest Festival".  If you’re away or you don’t pick up your vegetables, your produce will be donated to local organizations such as Manna food bank, where they can still do some healthy good.


While there is no guaranty on the quantity of vegetables you will take home every week in season, and farming can be a risky business, we can say that our farm manager has the experience and know-how to keep you eating healthy throughout the season.   We also have relationships with other CSA programs to share in the bounty of their harvests.  The knowledge and experience you gain, and the joy of participating in and supporting this worthwhile venture, will be a reward in itself.  Eat well, and stay healthy in body and mind

Share Sizes, Season and Pricing

Farm Manager Melissa Wickham has a degree in

sustainable agriculture from App State University.


Your Participation Helps- 

The CSA program depends on your support and participation to help keep costs down and remain financially viable, and it must eventually become a self sufficient program to be sustainable.  Our plans include establishing a board of directors to manage the CSA program for the long term, made up of volunteers from The Cliffs at Walnut Cove residents and members.

We have a full time farm manager, Melissa Wickham, and paid workers during busy times such as planting and harvesting, but any help you can give in the garden will be welcome and much appreciated.  It will also be greatly rewarding to you for the physical exercise, the spiritual connection to the earth and to where your food comes from, and the friendship and connection to your neighbors out in the garden with you.  It will become a beautiful place, with flowers, herbs and fresh vegetables coming up all around you all summer long to share with friends and family.

We'll all continue to learn and develop the program together, but we do see the need for volunteer positions to be filled, and more positions will likely be added in the future.  Please consider  volunteering for these fun and rewarding positions, which will likely become Board Members.


2017 Creekside Farm at Walnut Cove