Produce grown right in your neighborhood that supports local farmers and our farming heritage.

Become a member of the Creekside Farm CSA
Feed your family with veggies right off the farm in your neighborhood!

Who Grows your food?  Where does your food come from?  Know your farmer?

Join the Creekside Farm CSA and pick up your fresh veggies every Wednesday from your farmer Melissa and her helpers, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting farmers and our local farming tradition here in Walnut Cove.

Each week you’ll receive about $30 worth of produce at a cost less than organic produce at the grocery store, and it will last a lot longer because it’s picked fresh that  day.  The average vegetable in your grocery store travels about 1500 miles to get there, and the real costs are related to petroleum and CO2 emissions for transportation, chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the environment, and a loss of vitamins and freshness.  Each week you’ll also get a newsletter from our farmer Melissa telling you about what’s coming up in the garden, and great recipes for the vegetables in your box that will keep you eating healthy all season. 

The Creekside Farm CSA program is available to Cliffs at Walnut Cove residents, and a share for the season, May thru October, is just $750.

Membership this year is limited to 80 members, so sign up now!

Add Free Range Chicken Eggs and Fresh Cut Flowers to your membership.  If you haven’t tasted the difference between store bought eggs and free range eggs, you don’t know what you’re missing!  And the chickens are raised humanely, free to roam like God intended- not locked in a cage where they can’t even turn around.  You may have noticed the “egg-mobile” (mobile chicken shed) next to the CSA garden.

There’s so much more to a membership this year!

The old red schoolhouse on Avery Creek Road (pictured above) is the home of the Creekside Farm Education Center.  It's a place for CSA members to gather for farm to table meals, cooking and canning classes, and many other fun events throughout the year.  It's also where you pick up your box of fresh veggies every week, and catch up with your neighbors and your farmer.  It’s all about building community around food.

Farm to table dinner to benefit Manna FoodBank. We raised enough money to allow Manna to provide over 10,000 meals to food insecure household in WNC.  

Emily from Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) gives a talk at the Ed Center about the important work that they do. 

The Wayne Erbsen Band performs old time music at a Farm to Table dinner at the Ed Center with the theme, "Appalachian Dinner Circa 1900".  We ate what they ate back then, and it was delicious!

Our farm manager Melissa gives a "Spring Greens Cooking Class" in the commercial kitchen at the Ed Center.

2017 Creekside Farm at Walnut Cove